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A Cook's Tour of the QEF Software Process Automation System

In the attached pages, we take you on a guided tour of the facilities and features of the QEF Software Process Automation System.

Technical Overviews
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The pages of the Cook's Tour of QEF

  1. Introduction & Overview
  2. The Example Project
  3. Qdsrv & Tree Navigation
  4. The RootPath and QEF Trees
  5. Tree Set Up and the ROOT.VRS File
  6. A Simple QEF Build
  7. Checking Out a File
  8. Check-in, Qgdiff, Qef -Ptargets, Incls
  9. Library Naming and Mapping in QEF
  10. Building -g, -pg, and -O Versions and QHY
  11. Installing and the Install Log
  12. A Multi-Directory Application and Mkvernum
  13. Arupdate: Library Magic
  14. Build All, Relinfo, and FSIC
  15. Touchfiles
  16. QVRS: The Lynchpin
  17. Go, G, Goes, and Gomonitor
  18. Envset, Cush, Qremote, and Josh
  19. Distributed Processing
  20. The QEF Graphical User Interface
  21. Qefgui: The Working Tree Set Editor
  22. Qefgui: The Navigator
  23. Qefgui: The QEF Information Tool
  24. Qefgui: The Build Monitor
  25. The QEF Architecture
  26. QSG: The primary script generator
Additional Information
+ QEF Quick Reference Card
+ The QEF Specialist's Reference Card
+ Short Descriptions of the QEF Product Tools

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