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24. Qefgui: The Build Monitor

This section introduces the Build Monitor window which is used to view go files.

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Build Monitor Window

This window provides controls to view the outputs of detached commands and builds initiated either via the Navigator's Run buttons or Build menu, or by go or josh commands with the --d flag.

The window is created whenever a detached job is started via a Build command, a Detached program, or a command that begins with go --d.

The Build List section displays a list of running or completed go or josh jobs. These lines refer to the diagnostic files saved in the directory ~/.qtree/goes/<host>.

Each line contains the job's pid, host, exit status, the command and the directory in which the command was run.

The actual file can be displayed in the lower window by selecting the appropriate line with mouse button-1 or the arrow keys and the space bar.
Note: If the selected file is for a job that is still running, the file is "tailed".

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