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20. The QEF Graphical User Interface

This section introduces the graphical interface starting with the Welcome Window.

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Welcome Window This window is raised by qefgui after initialization. It provides access to the four main windows:
Edit Working Tree Set
Used to edit set of trees to be loaded into the navigator. See The Working Tree Set Editor.

Qef Navigator
Main window of the system. Provides mechanisms to navigate the trees, invoke builds, and invoke a variety of facilities. See The Navigator.

QEF Information Tool
Access to man pages, x_db databases, --x flags, and the documentation query system. See The QEF Information Tool.

QEF Build Monitor
View, tail, or remove go diagnostic files. See The Build Monitor.

The other buttons are:

Load Last Configuration
Raises the Navigator with the last used set of preferences and working tree set.

Create New Project/Tree
Raises dialogue to create a new tree/project.

About QEF, Help, Quit
Buttons to show the version number, explain this window, and exit from the gui respectively.

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