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Sadly, David Tilbrook has passed away.

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QEF Advanced Software Inc.

What is the QEF Software Process Automation System?

QEF is the only commercial product available today that addresses Software Process Automation. It can drive all phases of the software process. It integrates with the version management system, with the test and auditing tools, and can drive all of the construction processes within a unified framework.

It is available on all major platforms from PCs through to mainframes, thereby providing a consistent solution across the entire range of a company's systems and eliminating the need to have different processes for different environments.

Its flexible nature makes it suitable for projects ranging from small internal projects to major enterprise-wide applications and products.

The QEF Software Process Automation System was developed to handle large scale software engineering projects to be run on many platforms. It is well integrated into the software process. It automates most aspects of the software manufacturing process including:

  • Product verification and auditing
  • Driving test procedures
  • Managing backups
  • Creation of distribution images and releases
  • Source code reconciliation
  • Web site construction and distribution
  • Software product construction

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